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Racking system for sale (Private)

racking5 racking4 racking2 racking1racking3

This versatile racking system can be moved around to accommodate your merchandising vision! Really easy to attach to a drop ceiling! RHO is still in business so if the retailer needs to order more or different attachments they can.

There is racking sufficient for up to a 3000 sq ft store.

For the two sections you will need:

7 – Telescopic posts purchased at $1050 (asking $150 each)

7 – t-bar attachments for ceiling purchased at $161 (asking$23)

6 – 48″ flat cross bars purchased at $534 (asking $89)

2 – 24″ flat cross bars purchased at$156 (asking$78)

Sliders which attach to the poles to hold the cross bars (asking $29 each)

Asking $3500 OR Best Offer – purchase price was just over $9000




Seeking sales rep to represent our TSA Accepted Luggage Locks


Airport security has master tools to open, inspect, and re-lock our TSA Accepted luggage locks so travelers get to use  and re-use our special luggage locks, rather than clipping the locks during  mandatory checked baggage inspections at US airports.

Large Domestic Inventory – Multiple SKUs

Lifetime Guaranteed

Contact for more information